Growing threats posed by new and established substances highlighted by latest European Drug Report

Availability of cocaine may be rising again in parts of Europe according to the European Drug Report 2017: Trends and Developments, launched on 6 June by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). In addition, the EU drugs agency annual overview highlights the increasing number of drug overdose deaths in Europe, the continued availability of new psychoactive substances and the growing health threat of highly potent synthetic opioids.

Tackling drug flows, organized crime and terrorism in airports focus of discussions at Crime Commission

Despite global efforts in fighting drug trafficking, transnational organized crime and acts of terrorism, such crimes continue to take place in the airports. In this context, the Airport Communication Project (AIRCOP) aims to enhance the capacity of international airports in the detection and interdiction of illicit trafficking and suspicious passengers in origin, transit and destination…

Specialized Operational Mentoring for Drug Detection Dog Handlers organised by CRIMJUST in Ghana

Following the successful training for Dog Handlers at the National Dog Academy (NDA) in Ghana last year, CRIMJUST provided a two week Specialized Operational Mentoring for Drug Detection Dog Handlers – Drug/Currency Detection. The training was provided upon request from the Executive Secretary of Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) of Ghana and took place between 8…

News briefing – Week of 8 May

The government of Guatemala declared a state of emergency in the Ixchiguan and Tajumulco municipalities, at the border of Mexico, which have known a surge in drug-related violence, Guatemala being a transit hub for Mexican and South American drug cartels. Troops will be sent to the two cities to prevent criminal gangs from operating.

Colombian prosecutor trained in online drug trafficking with support from CRIMJUST

A Prosecutor from Colombia received support from CRIMJUST to attend a training initiative on online international drug trafficking – “Drugs online” – organized by the Italian Ministry of Interior in Rome, Italy, between 8 and 12 May. The V Course “Drugs online” initiated by the Central Directorate for Antidrug Services, Department of Public Security, Ministry…