Disrupting firearms trafficking flows


Enhancing Africa’s response to transnational organised crime


Airport Communication Project


Seaport Cooperation Project


Controlling and monitoring general aviation along the cocaine route


Strengthening criminal investigation and criminal justice cooperation along drug trafficking routes


Monitoring and Support Project for the Global Illicit Flows Programme

EU-UNODC Firearms project

Countering Transnational Illicit Arms Trafficking through the Implementation of the UNTOC and its Firearms Protocol

The GIFP supports the fight against organised crime and tackles illicit flows in five ways:

  1. Information sharing and analysis to support effective responses to illicit flows and mitigate the impact that transnational organised crime has on national and international governance, security and rule of law.
  2. Disruption of illicit flows by preventing the inflow of drugs and other illicit goods by way of interception at borders and other points of entry and exit.
  3. Linking the institutional chain of actors to provide a coherent focus towards criminal investigation and criminal justice.
  4. Supporting the development of national drugs policies, especially within the field of drug demand and harm reduction.
  5. Increasing regional and transregional cooperation and coordination in the fight against transnational organised crime.