The Cocaine Route Monitoring and Support (CORMS) project was established to increase the synergies between all the components of the Global Illicit Flows Programme as well as to improve coordination with other initiatives in the fight against organised crime and drug trafficking.

The purpose of the project is to ensure closer monitoring of all components of the Global Illicit Flows Programme and strengthen coordination, coherence and complementarity among the various components of the Cocaine Route Programme at regional and trans-regional level, both within the programme itself (internal coherence) and with respect to any other relevant initiative, regardless whether it is planned or carried out by the EU as such, EU member states bilaterally or multilaterally or other international and regional actors (external coherence).

The website of the Global illicit Flows Programme is managed by CORMS and is designed to provide visitors with an information gateway into the world of illicit trafficking, where challenges and successes can be shared and where the EU response can be demonstrated.

This project is implemented by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).