26/04 Surge in drug abuse strains Zimbabwe’s health system. Zimbabwe does not have official data on drug or substance abuse, but organisations such as ZCLDN say anecdotal evidence points to high illicit drug use in the country, especially after the outbreak of Covid-19.

29/04 New Europol and EMCDDA Analyses of the European Drug Market. Europol and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), have joined forces to provide their latest overview of the European illicit market for two stimulant drugs: cocaine and methamphetamine.

30/04 The drug trade now flourishing in Afghanistan: Meth. For decades, the country has been a global hub for opium production, estimated to supply 80 percent of the world’s opiate users. Now its meth industry is growing at breakneck speed, stoking fears among Western experts and officials that, under the Taliban, Afghanistan could become a major supplier as demand rises globally.

01/05 Venezuela’s Cocaine Revolution. This InSight Crime investigation looks at one of the world’s most important cocaine trafficking hubs – and the authoritarian regime that keeps the drugs flowing.